VLIZ (Decleer, Misjel)

Fines for day-trippers to the coast

With all but essential journeys banned under the measures to curb the spread of the novel corona virus police in the municipalities along the West Flemish coast have been carrying out roadside checks on motorists. With the sun shining and spring upon us the idea of a day out at the seaside might seem attractive to some. However, those travelling to the coast without a valid reason risk a fine.

On Friday a number of would-be tourist were fined and sent packing and on Saturday there was a large police presence at a number of locations.  

The Blankenberge/Zuienkerke Local Police Service set up roadblocks on all roads loading to the popular resort. In addition to this police on motorcycles checked the dunes for those flouting the rules brought in last weekend. Officers of the Federal Police Service are also patrolling on horseback. The police have also joined forces with the Life Guard Service in deploying a drone to check that no one has slipped through the net.

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