Antwerp researchers launch website that compares the international impact of the coronavirus

Researchers at Antwerp University have launched a website giving real-time information on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on various European countries’ health systems. The information currently available on the website shows that the Dutch and Spanish health care systems are already under severe pressure. 

The researchers compare the various countries’ hospital bed capacity, the number of doctors in each country and the amount each country spends on health care with the number of coronavirus infections and those hospitalised with COVID-19 there.

Antwerp University’s Professor Philippe Beutels told VRT News that "In addition to this we have also launched an indicator that looks at both the number of doctors and nurses and the number of intensive care beds. It is the case that extra beds are only of use if medical staff is provided in sufficient numbers". 

Italy as a reference point

The various indicators displayed on the site compare the situation with that in Italy on 11 March, the date from which the Italian health system was unable to cope with the influx of COVID-19 patients.

It is also possible to compare countries with each other. "The indicators are very time sensitive due to the rapid spread of the virus. This is why the PhD students Frederik Verelst and Elise Kuylen developed a website where the various statistics can also be followed in real time”, Professor Beutels told VRT News.

The website is updated every hour. 

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