100 customs officers to help Federal Police with border checks from Wednesday

The Federal Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has announced that from Wednesday custom officers will be deployed to carry out checks on our country’s borders. Mr De Croo approved the detachment of 100 customs officers to border check duties after a request for extra help from the Federal police service. Since last week all but essential traffic, for example freight and people wishing to get to and from work, has been banned from crossing the border into or out of Belgium. 

The ban on non-essential traffic crossing our borders is part of the measures designed to limit the spread of the novel corona virus.

Up to 100 customs officers will assist teams from the Federal Highways Police from Wednesday with roadside customs checks.

Meanwhile, the customs will continue its normal duties in our sea ports and airports. In a statement released on Monday the Belgian Customs were keen to stress that “The battle against the trade in illicit drugs will continue relentlessly”. 

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