325 people caught flouting rules to combat COVID-19 in Antwerp last weekend

The Antwerp Local Police Service reports that it filed a total of 325 crime reports against people found to be in breach of the measures that have been brought in to help curb the spread of the novel corona virus. As well as people being found to be in breach of the rules banning groups of more than two people that don’t live under the same assembling in public, two bars, one on the Gitschotellei and the other on the Varkensmarkt, were found to be open. 

There were customers inside the bars despite all restaurants, cafés and bars having been forced to close under measures that came into force at midnight on Friday 13 March. The measures will remain in force until at least Sunday 5 April.

Police saw two men leave the bar on the Gitschotellei on Sunday morning. When they entered the premises to check what had been going on they found a number hookahs were being used by customers. The bar was closed and the proprietor fined.

On Sunday night the police saw a number of people leave a bar on the Varkensmarkt. The owner and five customers’ names were taken and crime reports filed.  Here too the bar was closed.

Since Friday 18 businesses in Antwerp have been fined for non-compliance with the measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

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