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“Other European countries should take in Italian corona patients”

Patrik Vankrunkelsven, a doctor and former Belgian senator, is sounding the alarm.  He says he can’t accept that corona patients are dying in Italy and Spain as a result of a shortage of intensive care beds.  He points to the fact that we still have overcapacity and may never need all the critical care beds we have.  His solution is simple: transport corona patients to places in Europe that do have beds.

Dr Vankrunkelsven says he’s astounded that Europe is allowing thousands of Europeans to die in Italy and soon also in Spain due to a lack of critical care beds:  “Many countries like Belgium and Germany have excess capacity and it’s unlikely we will need all this capacity, especially in the coming days”.

“The French president is deploying the army to transport patients from the north to the south of the country.  Can’t we together with other countries use part of our hospital capacity to save other Europeans?”

Dr Vankrunkelsven points to the usual response in the event of an earthquake and the lack of discrimination on the basis of nationality in hospitals in the Great War.

He suggests that we are now in a war situation and that if European solidarity is needed, it is needed now.  “Should we watch from our homes as fellow Europeans, Italians, die?”

“It is the misery in Italy that got us to address the situation more readily.  Rich oil magnates, Brits, who don’t want to wait for a hip replacement, on the NHS and Dutchmen needing a heart transplant are treated in Belgium, but thousands of Italians are allowed to die.”  

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