Belgians abroad told they may have to stick it out!

Last weekend the Belgian authorities repatriated 223 Belgians and other EU nationals from Tunisia in North Africa.  The holidaymakers were stranded through the corona emergency.

Many fellow countrymen and women are still stuck abroad.  The Belgian foreign ministry is still trying to sort out transport for Belgians stranded in the Canaries (Spain), Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal (Africa).

Belgian foreign minister Philippe Goffin says that for some Belgians it won’t be possible to organise a return until the end of the corona emergency. Many borders are now closed and flights are cancelled.

“For people who are still stuck abroad we are doing everything to provide them with an answer.  Our services are working 24/7” Mr Goffin said.

Belgians still abroad should register via the online platform Travellers Online. Belgians, who fail to make it home, are advised to contact the Belgian embassy in the country.

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak 1,381 EU citizens have been repatriated from Wuhan (PRC), Japan, Oakland (California-US), Morocco and Tunisia thanks to the EU’s civil protection mechanism.

Belgians stuck abroad can take solace from a Facebook page set up by the Belgian foreign ministry.  On #Belgenvoorelkaar (Belgians for each other) you can appeal for simple assistance and stay in touch.  

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