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COVID-19 outbreak at Flemish nursing home

A nursing home in Sint-Gillis-Waas (East Flanders) has been hit by an outbreak of COVID-19.  One resident is dead and nineteen others are displaying symptoms.

Three of the residents were hospitalised on Sunday.  The infections come despite a ban on visiting.  A spokesman for the care and health agency said it was doing everything to manage the outbreak and prevent further infections.

“It’s a question of rigorously enforcing the guidelines that we were already following: isolating the sick, thorough hygiene and increased vigilance for symptoms” said Joris Moonen of the care and health agency.

“We’re staying in touch with the nursing home and will look at further measures and whether other residents need to be isolated” he added.

Meanwhile in Ieper in West Flanders 9 members of staff at the Jan Yperman Hospital including doctors have tested positive for corona. The hospital has made great efforts to prepare for an influx of corona patients.  The size of the intensive care unit was doubled and a garage has been turned into an emergency hospital.  An entire floor has also been set aside for corona patients.

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