Sugar factory launches hand sanitiser production

Sugar refinery Tiense Suiker has announced it’s started up production of sanitising hand gel.  Demand for the gel in hospitals has soared in recent weeks.

Tiense Suiker’s Jan Ingels explains that for the plant adding sanitiser to its production lines wasn’t such a big ask.

“We produce ethanol from wheat and sugar beet.  It’s a type of alcohol.  It is suitable to produce a disinfecting gel.”

The company bottled 2,000 litres of gel on one day and has plans to expand production. The hand sanitiser is being supplied to hospitals and nursing homes free of charge.  Tiense Suiker workers too will be able to use the gel.  Production of sugar at the refinery continues apace.  Demand for sugar too has soared.

The BioWanze plant is Liège has already started producing the gel.  A second plant in Oostkamp (West Flanders) will start production soon.

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