“We’re here for all your complaints, not just corona” Flemish doctors say


Flemish family doctors are sounding the alarm.  Too many are seeing patients with serious complaints that should have een sorted earlier.

Domus Medica, the Association of Flemish Family Doctors, is urging people who feel ill to contact their GP by phone, even if their complaint isn’t corona-related!

“In recent days we have seen more and more patients, who are quite seriously ill.  They simply ignored the first warning signs!” says Dr Roel Van Giel.

“When it’s advanced it’s harder to help people! We’re noticing that people are worried of visiting doctors’ surgeries out of fear of bumping into corona patients in the waiting room.  Our surgeries are safe! People, who may have contracted corona, are treated separately.  They are not in contact with other patients.  It’s unnecessary to postpone a visit to the doctor’s and it could damage your health!”

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