Hairdressers ordered to close

Belgium’s national security council has decided to close all hair dressing salons.  Like the proprietors of other stores and businesses that have been ordered to close Belgium’s hairdressers and barbers will be able to receive a 4,000 euro grant covering the first weeks’ of closure.

After that a daily fee will be awarded if the emergency measures are extended, which seems likely.

Most hairdressers will be pleased with the decision.  Many had voiced concern about the practicality of only admitting one customer at a time and the near-impossibility of maintaining social distancing measures during their work.

The national security council made its decision in consultation with the regional governments.

Flemish PM Jan Jambon took to social media to announce the news: “Hairdressing salons and barber shops must close.  I am pleased that my colleagues in the federal government and the other regional governments responded favourably to the request we made on Friday.  Hairdressers have a right to the ‘disturbance grant’ that the Flemish government provides for all retailers that must close.  

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