National Crisis Centre "Viruses don’t make any distinction between language of religion”

At the daily CODID-19 press conference the Belgian Health Institute Sciencsano said that everyone living in Belgium regardless of their creed, origin or mother tongue is impacted equally by the virus. Sciencsano’s spokesman told those watching the press conference that is streamed live online “It is important to realise that viruses are never anyone’s fault. Viruses often cause stigmatisation, but they are no one’s fault. Viruses make no distinction between language, religion or origin. A virus is a fact of nature, we should deal with it with a sense of solidarity, and we should fight it together”.

Meanwhile, the National Crisis Centre stresses the importance of people staying at home as much as possible. The Centre’s Yves Stevens said “The figures show in a very painful way that we are in the middle of a crisis situation”.

"It is egregious to see that some people view this as a kind of alternative holiday. We can understand people wanted to enjoy the first of the spring sun, but now is not the time to be arranging drinks with the neighbours or to start hanging around the park with your friends".

"The basic rule is quite simple: stay at home as much as you can. If everyone limits their social contacts to a minimum, the virus won’t have the opportunity to spread. Keep your circle of contacts as small as possible so that we can prevent the virus from spreading”.

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