“Full normalisation could take a year”

Leading Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst has said that when measures to combat COVID-19 are relaxed this will have to be done gradually.  A full normalisation could take a year.

Marc Van Ranst said that a total normalisation would have to wait until the roll-out of a vaccine and that will at least take a year. A ban on mass gatherings is probably the measure that will apply longest.  Van Ranst voices concern that advice from experts hasn’t always reached young people. 

“A number of the youngsters in intensive care now attended lock-down parties (the evening the pubs were closed).”

“Only when a peak in cases has been recorded can we consider cutting back measures in phases.  After the peak in the epidemic it will be possible to reduce many measures gradually.”

The chance that mass events like Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland can go ahead as planned is extremely small.

Reducing measures could happen in September or October.  A full normalisation will have to wait for a vaccine in twelve months at the earliest.

“The epidemic will be over, but we will get a second wave and have to survive this without a vaccine.  What we’re experiencing now, we will probably have to repeat several times.”

“We are reaching certain groups like youngsters far less than we should.  A number of the youngsters in intensive care were closely involved in lockdown parties.  People should know that.  It is a deterrent.  This isn’t a game.  Nobody dies in a computer game, but that’s what’s happening now.”   

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