“Many people don’t realise you can spread corona through sex”

Flemish sexual health centre Sensoa and the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) are urging people to be creative on digital platforms.  “Sex means closeness and sex without saliva is rather difficult. The chance of transmitting the virus is high” says Sensoa’s Boris Cruyssaert.

Sensoa is advising people to delay any search for love via dating apps like Grindr or Tinder. “Make a date after the corona storm.  You still need to keep your distance now.  You can stay in touch via your computer or digitally.  Anonymous sexual contacts and group sex aren’t good ideas at the minute.  Many people don’t realise you can spread corona through sex” says Cruyssaert.

Even after the ban on gatherings the ITM polyclinic saw patients with sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

“Whatever sexual technique you use, oral, anal or some other, sex always involves closeness.  At present there is no scientific evidence coronavirus is present in sperm or pre-cum.  Saliva is the main carrier of the virus and sex without saliva is a struggle.  Posts about the best sexual techniques to avoid corona transmission are appearing, but the chance of transmission is high in all sexual acts. We’re advising against all forms of real life sex” says Cruyssaert.

Digital creativity can be an alternative to pleasuring yourself. 

“Creativity exists in these days and it’s visible on social media.  Still, don’t post your virtual sex.  Keep it private!” Cruyssaert concludes.

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