Extra help for the homeless and foodbanks

The Belgian government is releasing extra cash for the country’s foodbanks and social services.  Special isolation rooms for the homeless are being made available in shelters.

Nathalie Muylle, the minister charged with combating poverty says: “It’s also important that in these difficult days the homeless can make use of shelter places. We’ll be keeping the homeless shelter in Brussels open for two months longer than planned.  The shelter includes 15 isolation rooms that have been created especially to allow homeless people who may have corona to isolate.  They receive medical supervision and the spread of the virus is prevented. We are releasing funds to Ghent, Antwerp, Liège and Charleroi to create similar spaces.”

A further 276,000 euros in extra means is being made available to foodbanks.  The extra funding should allow the foodbanks to purchase necessary food and hygiene products.  Surpluses donated to foodbanks have fallen as a result of the surge in sales in the shops triggered by hoarding.  Hoarding has had an enormous impact on the supplies that are available to foodbanks.

Several organisations that are involved in the distribution of food to foodbanks have also closed due to a lack of volunteers. Many elderly volunteers belong to risk groups.  Others are in self-isolation.  To ensure sufficient aid is available local social services will receive extra funding too.  

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