Financial Times applauds Belgium’s response to corona

On Wednesday Britain’s Financial Times newspaper carried a report claiming that Belgium had shown that a fragmented country could still produce a clear response to the corona pandemic. Under the headline “Coronavirus crisis brings fragmented Brussels together” the daily reports on Belgium’s decisive action in rolling out a lockdown and enforcing conditions.

The bars were shut a week before the UK took similar steps and confinement conditions for households are generally respected. People soon got used to waiting on a marked cross outside supermarkets, while police cars and police drones patrol the parks to enforce social distancing.

Belgium’s decisive action came after political parties had bickered endlessly on the formation of a new government.    But says the Financial Times PM Wilmes, earlier seen as a stopgap PM, has won plaudits for her calm and serious approach.  Her government can now rely on a solid majority for its efforts to fight the virus.

To read the Financial Times article in full search 'Financial Times Belgium'.

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