Greater restrictions on movement in the offing

Belgian interior minister Pieter De Crem has thrown cold water on the idea of restricting the distance people are allowed to travel from home to exercise to one kilometre.  “That’s not a good solution” Mr De Crem told the VRT after the police requested stricter guidance on the distance people are allowed to venture from home in their leisure time.

“People have a right to go outdoors. If people who live in flats or residential areas are limited to an area of no further than one kilometre from their dwelling, hundreds of people will be outside in a small area.  The effect will be counterproductive because too many people will be packed together.”

“There’s also a psychological effect” Mr De Crem added “People will feel they are locked up in an open air prison. However, people do have to comply with the rules.  Playtime is over.”

Rules may soon become more specific with the stipulation of an area within a radius of your home in which you are allowed to be. Mr De Crem urged Belgians not to go on 50km cycling tours.  That is no longer appropriate.   

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