People of Bruges banned from their own beaches

The good people of Bruges are fortunate in normal times.  Though the Zwin estuary that connected the city to the North Sea silted up long ago, a port was built at Zeebrugge and that is part of the territory of the city of Bruges.  Zeebrugge also comes with its resort and beaches, but the mayor of Bruges has now told his townsfolk that the beaches of Zeebrugge are far too distant from the city centre to allow all its inhabitants to travel there in these times of corona restriction.

A trip to the North Sea coast and a walk along the beach are no longer permitted for the good people of Bruges despite their right to exercise in the open air.  Mayor Dirk De fauw notes that the distance from the heart of the city to its beaches is 18 kilometres and that can’t be described as an essential journey.

“It’s too far for non-essential travel.  It doesn’t matter whether the trip is inside your municipality or not.  It’s possible to walk, do sports and relax a lot closer to home.”

For now on the beach at Zeebrugge is reserved for the inhabitants of the borough of Zeebrugge. People from other Bruges boroughs have to stay away.   

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