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Belgian supermarkets to donate half a million meals to the country’s food banks

Over the next few days Belgian supermarkets will donate a total of 500,000 meals to food banks across the country. Panic buying in recent weeks has meant that supermarkets have been left with few if any surplus goods. It is these goods that are normally given to food banks. 

The COVID-19 crisis and the unnecessary panic buying that it has brought with it had an unpleasant side effect for the economically vulnerable families and individuals that rely on food banks. Each year the food banks distribute 18,000 tonnes of food to some of our country’s poorest people. Now the supermarkets have said that in the next days they will donate a total of 233 tonnes of food to the food banks. This equates to half a million meals.   

In addition to this the Federal Minister responsible for the fight against poverty Nathalie Muylle (Flemish Cristian democrat announced that the food banks are to receive 225,000 euro to allow them to buy products they require in order to be able to continue to help the needy.

The product donated by the supermarkets are mainly items such as pasta, rice, flour, olive oil, toilet paper, nappies and washing powder.

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