"Please don't come to the Belgian coast"

The police and the judicial authorities have repeated their appeal to avoid making a day trip to the coast or the Ardennes, even if you don't have any contact with other people outside your family. Strict checks will be held in West Flanders (and elsewhere), where 400 fines have already been imposed recently. 

Under the current corona regulations, all unnecessary trips or outings have been banned. People having the idea of taking the car to go to a natural area, the Ardennes or the Belgian coast for a day trip, to go walking, jogging or cycling, will have to think twice: it is forbidden.

In fact, road checks were introduced last week already, and police have repeated their call with the weekend just starting, and with plenty of sunshine expected on Saturday: don't come to the coast.

By this time, over 400 tickets have been written, worth a total of 35,000 euros, for various offences, i.e. bars and pubs that had failled to close their doors, and for people gathering together. However, many fines also concerned people who had taken the car to come to the coast.

For that purpose, road checks have been installed, but police may also ask you to show your ID card to prove you are living nearby, if you are found walking on the beach, for example. It is still okay for local residents to come out on the beach, if they want to take some physical exercise. However, the excuse that you have a second residence at the coast, will however not be accepted. 

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