Warning: fake police officers at work to abuse the corona measures

In Huldenberg (Flemish Brabant), fake police officers stopped a woman who had taken the car to go somewhere, and ordered her to pay a fine, claiming she was making a non-essential trip. Police are taking this incident seriously and are looking for the criminals. 

The fake police officers stopped the woman between Ganspoel and Huldenberg to check about the trip she was making, as non-essential trips are forbidden to curb the spreading of the coronavirus.

The men, who were driving a white van, were wearing a blue pullover and said they were from the police. They argued she was making a non-essential trip and ordered her to pay a fine of 165 euros on the spot, which she did. The victim said she was so overwhelmed by the situation that she gave in. However, ironically, she is reportedly a health worker, and she claimed she was on her way to collect mouth masks.  

Police are warning people to stay alert. Moreover, under a so-called "amicable settlement" an offender has to pay 250 euros, and the fine does not have to be paid on the spot. So far, no further reports on this type of crime have been received. The victim has launched an official complaint.  

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