“Critical week for COVID-19 in Belgium”

“I believe this will be the week of truth, but this is a marathon and no sprint.  We need to be on our qui vive all the time.  There will be more weeks of truth, but this is one of the big weeks” says Geert Meyfroidt, the chair of the Belgian Association for Intensive Medicine and doctor at Leuven University Hospital.

Many people are asking when Belgium will reach its peak of corona cases.  It is a difficult question to answer.

Geert Meyfroidt “That’s a difficult one.  We see the curve bending, rising more slowly across Belgium.  Growth is slower.  This gives hope, but no certainty.  It’s even-stevens that the curve will start to bend in the other direction again.  The most dependable models still predict a peak at the start of April.  This is why the coming week will be crucial to see whether we need to expand capacity still further.”

At present there are slightly over 4,000 cases of COVID-19 in Belgian hospitals.  867 patients are in intensive care wards.

Geert Meyfroidt “There’s still enough room across Belgium, but there are areas with local outbreaks, where hospitals are getting a disproportionate number of patients.  I’m thinking of Limburg.  The province is overburdened and they are having to dispatch cases to Diest, Tienen and Leuven (Flemish Brabant).  It’s been busy in Leuven too.  It got busy quite quickly.”

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