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Tomorrowland scenery builders switch to pharmacy screens

Workers laid off at Fisheye, the company that usually builds scenery for the Tomorrowland dance music festival and Belgian TV shows, are stepping up to the challenge posed by the corona emergency. The company switched production to make protective Plexiglas screens for 250 pharmacies across East Flanders and the company’s employees are eager to try their hand at many other jobs.

Fisheye’s Pieter Troch explains that a first order has already been completed. The company and its workforce are eager to use their know-how to help during the corona emergency:  “We are now stand-by to help where we can!” Pieter says.

“We were one of the first to find ourselves without any work when the festival was called off.  All the scenery no longer needed to be completed.  But we’re all guys who are technically minded and are eager to make things.”

“I started a Facebook page for people who had had to sign on for unemployment benefit temporarily and a first order soon materialised. A relative working in a pharmacy posted a photo of a screen built by a carpenter.  We saw we could do this more cheaply and quickly and on a larger scale. ”

“The idea surfaced on Saturday.  We had a prototype by Sunday and an hour later the pharmacies association ordered 250 screens.  All the screens have been delivered, so the guys are without work once again. If you have any more orders, let us know!”

“People who were at work in the hospitality industry are welcome in the Facebook group too.  Everybody with technical skills, people who can drive, people who want to work.”

Helping out now is particularly gratifying.

Pieter Troch: “There was a bit of a rush to get the screens ready, but the pharmacists were so happy when the screens got delivered.  It really means a lot.”


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