12-year-old girl among COVID-19 fatalities

New figures have been released concerning the number of new infections, hospitalisations and people that have died of COVID-19. Since the previous figures were released at 11am on Monday a further 98 suffering from COVID-19 have died. In addition to this a further 94 deaths that took place in previous days were reported to the relevant authorities during the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of people that have died of the virus in Belgium so far to 705. Among those that died of the virus on Monday was a 12-year-old girl. 

Of those that are being cared for in hospital, 1,021 are receiving treatment on intensive care wards. This an increase of 94 on the figures released on Monday. 786 are currently on ventilators as they are unable to breathe sufficiently.

A further 867 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus, bringing the total number of recorded infections in Belgium so far to 12,775. The real number of infections is much higher those as many people that are infected have not been tested.

Of those that have died of COVID-19 in Belgium so far 93% are older than 65. However, at the weekend the death of 30-year-old woman was reported and on Monday a 12-year-old girl died of the virus.

On a more hopeful note, a total of 1,698 have been discharged from hospital after having received treatment or COVID-19. 

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