(c) Peter Hilz / Hollandse Hoogte

Corona emergency hits waste collections

The corona emergency is playing havoc with refuse collection services.  In Brussels there aren’t enough staff to collect paper and plastic bottles for recycling, while in the suburbs waste collections can’t cope with the amount of garden waste that is being put out!


In Brussels collections of PMD (plastic bottles, metal packaging and drinks cartons) and paper and cardboard for recycling have had to be abandoned this week due to lack of staff.  As a result waste collector NET Brussel has had to make cuts in the number of rounds.

Changes have had to be made in Flanders too.  In East Flanders waste collector ILvA isn’t doing the usual paper collection, while in Flemish Brabant a ceiling has been placed on the number of bags that you can put out for collection.

Inge D’Hoe: “Three bags are now allowed at each address.  We noticed that the amount of waste that was being put out continued to rise.  Garden refuse was up by 30% on the week.  Paper and cardboard was up by 50%!”  

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