Corona vaccine: “Hopes are high we can meet our goal”

The American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson plans to get a vaccine against COVID-19 ready by the beginning of next year.  Johan Van Hoof of Johnson & Johnson’s Flemish subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutica points to the company’s experience in developing vaccines against zika, HIV and Ebola.

A vaccine against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 would save many lives and prevent an awful lot of misery.  Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has plans to develop such a vaccine by the beginning of 2021.  The company has just received a billion dollars from the US government to allow it to do the research and development.  Under the plans the vaccine would be tested on humans next September and should be ready for mass use by the beginning of next year.

Johan Van Hoof of Johnson & Johnson’s Flemish subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutica: “Of course, something can always go wrong, but hopes are high that we can meet our goal.  That’s because we have experience with similar vaccines against virus diseases like zika, HIV and Ebola. In tests these vaccines gave good results.  We will expand production capacity to ensure that within 12 to 18 months we can supply hundreds of millions of vaccines.  They will be distributed worldwide to the places where they are needed”.

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