Council tips and recycling centres to reopen on 7 April

Good news for those of you wishing to get rid of unwanted pieced of old furniture, other bulky waste or things such as old chip fat that are not taken away by your regular waste collectors. On Tuesday 7 April all the municipal dumps and recycling centre in Flanders will reopen. The Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) ordered the closure of all council tips across Flanders two weeks ago.

She did so as to many people were going to the dumps/recycling centres at the same time, rendering social distance difficult and often impossible.  

As a number of municipal authorities complained about an increase in fly tipping and litter, Ms Demir now says that the tips can reopen, albeit under strict conditions for those wishing to use them. 

“Social distancing remains important. People should stay a metre and a half away from each other and avoid physical contact. Cash payments will not be possible and everyone will have to queue up in their car. Only a limited number of people will be allowed in at once. If a reservation system is available people are advise to make use of it”, Ms Demir told VRT News. 

The Minister also calls on local councils to provide enough police to keep an eye on things at and around the dumps and to ensure that the rules are upheld. Despite the planned reopening, people are advised to postpone their trip to the dump/recycling centre if at all possible. 

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