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Proximus launches 5G “light”

Belgian telecom giant Proximus is launching what it calls a “light” version of 5G in over 30 Belgian municipalities.  The service takes off tomorrow.  A subscription to fast mobile internet will set you back 49.99 euros a month. A special handset will be required.  It now goes on sale at Proximus. The company has also set out plans to roll out its glass fibre network more quickly.


5G technology should ensure that customers can surf the internet on their tablet, mobile phone or laptop at faster speeds.  At the minute most users employ 4G technology.  5G should mean speeds that are up to a hundred times faster. Proximus isn’t launching 5G just yet, so those speeds won’t be reached, but the light version will be considerably quicker.

Cities where light 5G is available include tourist hotspot Bruges, university town Leuven, Antwerp city Mechelen and our leading seaside resort, Ostend. Unfortunately to start off with the entire area of these municipalities will not be covered.

As mentioned you will need new equipment to use the light 5G.  Smartphone Oppo Find X2 Pro is available via the Proximus web shop from tomorrow.  It will set you back 1,199 euros, but customers will be able to claw back 100 euros.  Other sets will soon be available too.

The new light 5G network will employ frequency bands already assigned to Proximus.  Existing aerials will be used and norms for exposure to electromagnetic fields will be complied with.

Proximus remains an ambitious company. It is eager to roll out its glass fibre network more quickly than planned.  The network allows faster fixed use of internet.  By 2025 2.4 Belgian households should be linked up.  The target date used to be 2030.  To accomplish this goal a lot of road works will be needed.

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