COVID-19 latest: 183 deaths in 24 hours

Belgium’s crisis centre has released the latest data on the COVID-19 outbreak in our country.  1,144 people are now in intensive care.  Taking account of the latest deaths 1,011 people have died in Belgium as a result of COVID-19.

In all 5,376 patients are being treated for COVID-19 in Belgian hospitals.  That’s a rise of 584 in 24 hours.  56 new patients are receiving intensive care.

363 people, who had recovered, were discharged from hospital during the past day.  That means that since 15 March 2,495 patients with COVID have left hospital in Belgium.

Virologist Steven Van Gucht has told the nation that for ordinary citizens keeping your distance and hand-washing is more important than wearing a mask. The crisis centre has received numerous queries about mask-wearing of late.  Prof Van Gucht says: “Wearing a mask adds little protection”.

Mouth masks are meaningful for people who cannot keep a distance including health care workers and people in nursing homes.

“For ordinary people in the street there is little point” he concluded.

Yves Stevens of the crisis centre says: “Make sure you are well informed about coronavirus, but try not to let that fill your day.  Find a routine in your consumption of news and be selective in the amount of information that you follow.  It’s not necessary to follow all the news”.

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