Smallest village has zero COVID-19 cases

Limburg Province is one of the Flemish provinces hardest hit by COVID-19 at the moment.  Corona cases have been diagnosed in all the province’s municipalities, but there is one exception: Herstappe, the province’s smallest village.  Why this is, remains a mystery.

The situation reminds us of Ferrera Erbognone, a village in Northern Italy.  Herstappe has been spared the corona outbreak so far.  “No infections in Herstappe.  Very nice” says the local mayor. “Let’s keep it that way.”

“If you extrapolate the number of known infections in Limburg per thousand head of population to Herstappe, our village would have 0.15 cases.  Round this figure up to one and that would be a high figure.  We’d have the highest rate in Limburg with only one infected inhabitant.  You can prove anything with figures.”

Mayor Leon Lowet denies that the locals are immune: “It is easier for the people of Herstappe to comply with the regulations.  It’s pretty rural here.  Everybody has space and spacious gardens.  My impression is people are sticking to the rules.  You see little or no traffic in the village.  Venture out on the street and you are alone.”    

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