Stringent checks on travel to seaside resorts all Easter holiday

The Governor of West Flanders Province has appealed for people not to travel to the coast this weekend and during the Easter holiday.  Mr Decaluwé warned that there will be strict checks during the entire holiday. Despite the ban on non-essential travel people are still trying to make for the coast without any valid reason.

Fine weather is forecast for the weekend.  Many will be tempted to head for the coast, but Governor Decaluwé insists anti-corona measures must be observed:

“It’s a shame.  An Easter holiday with good weather means hundreds of thousands of tourists at the coast.  It won’t be happening this year. “

“We will strictly check entry roads.  Local and federal police will carry out this task.  If anybody gets through, checks on flats are still possible.  We also plan checks at supermarkets to see who is shopping.  There will be checks at rail stations too.”

“We’ve heard from hotels that people are trying to book rooms.  We’re really happy hoteliers are reporting this.  Travelling to the seaside isn’t allowed.  People who are caught will receive a 250 euro on-the-spot fine and will be sent back.”

“If everybody goes for a walk on the promenade, social distancing won’t be possible, certainly in resorts with more holiday home owners than residents.  The population is vulnerable: it’s an elderly population. The hospitals don’t have the capacity to treat a lot of people if that would be necessary.”

On Wednesday health minister De Block called on people to stick with the measures. “If there are violations like lockdown parties or lots of people who go and sit in the park because it’s fine weather, then twelve days later we see an increase in hospitalisations and fatalities. Comply for the people you love.”

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