Two Delhaize supermarkets in Brussels remain closed

Union protests are keeping Delhaize stores at Flagey in Elsene and Debroux in Oudergem closed in protest against what they see as insufficient compensation that the workforce is receiving for all the extra efforts workers have made during the corona emergency.

Headway was made in talks between management and unions on Wednesday evening.  Mouth masks will be provided for staff starting this weekend.  Stores will consider whether extra hygiene measures are needed.  The extra bonus staff are receiving in the form of luncheon vouchers or in-store discounts will be valid for a longer period of time.

Kristel Van Damme of the Christian union concedes dissatisfaction among staff varies depending on the store: “We notice this depends on the customers: if they follow the rules, wait their turn calmly, keep a distance and show respect to staff.  In stores where this going well, there is less unrest and staff feel safer.”

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