Animal sanctuaries warn against impulse buys

In this period of tele-working, social distancing and a general lack of interaction with one’s fellow humans some of us might be feeling lonelier than otherwise might be the case. Maybe a cat, a dog or another pet might be just the ticket to fill the void. 

The daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ reports that breeders and animal sanctuaries are currently receiving more calls than usual from people interested in buying or adopting a dog. Els De Belder of Kontich Animal sanctuary in Antwerp Province told Radio 2 Antwerp that “More people have been ringing here as well to say that they are interested. However, were are always wary of impulse buys”.

Due to the measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19 there is little to do outside the home than walking and cycling. Many people don’t enjoy walking alone and some wat a four-legged companion to keep them company.  

Els De Belder told Radio 2 Antwerp’s ‘Start je dag’ that more people than usual want to adopt dogs”

"It is of cause nicer to go walking with your dog than all on your own. However, we are very reticent towards people that ring our animal sanctuary and tell us this”.


The animal sanctuaries are keen to stress that adopting a pet should not be done on impulse

"After corona your dog will still need your attention. Those that now suddenly have a lot more free time makes their pet used to that way of life. It is not good for a dog if this suddenly changes and you are at home less post-corona. These dog end up back in the sanctuary and this is what we want to avoid.   

"At Kontich Animal Sanctuary our motto is ‘Think before you start’”. 

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