Seven million mouth masks, including 5 million FFP2 masks, arrive at Liège Airport

At around 9:30 on Friday morning a consignment of 7 million protective mouth masks arrived at the airport at Bierset, near Liège. The shipment includes 2 million “standard” surgical masks and more importantly 5 million special FFP2 masks. The masks offer protection against infection and as such are important for those working in the caring profession that come into close contact with their clients as part of their work. In addition to this 100,000 face masks have also been delivered. 

The 35-tonne shipment will first be counted box by box. Prior to distribution the masks will once again by counted one by one. The customs carried out quality control checks on the masks as soon as the plane touched down.

The shipment is also insured, a decision taken after issues arose with previous shipments. Chistophe Van Herck of the Liège Airport customs agency BeCargo told VRT News that “We are 99% certain that the shipment that has come in this morning is ok. We know most of the suppliers though our other operations in China”.  

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