Nicolas Maeterlinck

Ghent University Hospital cares for Dutch COVID-19 patient

Ghent University Hospital in East Flanders has admitted its first COVID-19 patient from across the border in The Netherlands. The patient was transferred to Ghent from the hospital in the Dutch town of Terneuzen, around 35 kilometres north of the East Flemish city. 

Ghent University Hospital’s Lies Ketels told the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ that the patient had been transferred to Ghent as part of the hospital’s tertiary care commitments and “As things stand no further patient transfers from The Netherlands are planned”.   

The patient was brought to Ghent from the Zorgsaam hospital in Terneuzen in the Dutch province of Zeeland on Friday.

"We have been working with Zeeuw-Vlaanderen (the area of The Netherlands in which Terneuzen is located) for many years as part of our tertiary care programme”, Ms Ketels explained.

"During the current crisis too are solidarity with them remains intact and we will provide care where it is needed. This is why this patient has been admitted. They are always patients from Zeeland in our clinic and this is no different. As things stand there are no further transfers of corona patients from The Netherlands planned”.

During the past week a number of patients were brought from Limburg Province to Ghent as hospitals in Limburg are experiencing capacity issues. “At Ghent University Hospital we have more than enough capacity to receive patients”, Ms Ketels added. Patients from Limburg are also currently receiving treatment at The AZ Sint-Lucas and AZ Jan Palfyn in Ghent.


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