“The intention is that there will be a Tour of Flanders this year”

The 14th Sunday of the year is traditionally a big day for cycling fans as it is then that the Tour of Flanders cycle race is ridden. However, the coronavirus has put paid to that this year and like all other sporting events the race has been postponed until further notice. Flanders Classics that organises the race is keen that the 104th Tour of Flanders should take place later in the year once the measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus have been lifted.  

Flanders Classics’ CEO Tomas Van Den Spiegel told VRT television’s ‘De zevende dag’ that "It is the intention that the Tour will take place this year. Everyone is in agreement. However, for the moment this is a hypothetical discussion because we don’t know when exactly the corona crisis will ended. We are keeping all options open. Now we just have to follow the measures taken”.

"We are between five and six months away from the final date (on which the race could take place). If you see where we were just five or six weeks ago then you realise that the situation is evolving rapidly. However, I think that we should be optimistic”.

Virtual mini-tour

On Sunday afternoon a virtual mini Tour of Flanders is being held. The virtual Tour of Flanders is an initiative of organiser Flanders Classics and the VRT’s sports website Sporza. 13 riders will compete against each other from home completing the last 32 kilometres of the race. The event’s regular commentators will provide commentary on VRT TV and via a webcast.


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