Belgian football’s Pro League donates 100,000 euro to foodbanks

The Pro League that is made up of Belgium’s 24 professional football clubs is donating 100,000 euro to the Belgian foodbanks to help support the most economically vulnerable in our society during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In addition to this the Pro League has launched a campaign to encourage football fans to make individual donations to the country’s foodbanks.

The COVID-19 and the unnecessary panic buying that it brought with it has had an unpleasant side-effect for the disadvantaged individuals and families that rely on foodbanks. The supermarkets sold out of products and there were no or fewer surplus goods for them to donate to foodbanks. This meant that the foodbanks were forced to buy goods themselves in order to be able to continue to provide those that use them with food. This meant that their costs rose significantly. Each year the nine Belgian foodbanks distribute 18,000 tonnes of food to 170,000 of Belgium’s most needy. This is good for more than 30 million meals.

The Pro League’s 100,000 euro donation will allow the foodbanks to provide around 50,000 meals.

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