Summer sales to be put back a month?

The Federal Economy Minister Nathalie Muylle (Flemish Christian democrat) has said that she is in favour of postponing this year’s summer sales. Normally the sales take place in July. However, Ms Muylle told VRT television’s Sunday morning topical discussion programme ‘De zevende dag’ that the Federal Government will take the measures necessary to ensure that this year the sales take place in August.

The request to put the sales back a month has been put forward by the clothing retailers over the past few days. Since Wednesday 18 March clothing and shoe stores, like all other shops selling non-essential goods, have remained closed

The Federal Minister responsible for the self-employed Denis Ducarme (Francophone liberal) and the Group Leader of the Flemish Liberals in the Chamber of Representatives Egbert Lachaert have both said that they are in favour of putting back the summer sales until August.

Ms has now said that the necessary arrangements to ensure that this happens will be made in the coming days. She will also look into whether the January sales might be put back too as they might follow to soon if the sales were to be put back to, for example, between mid-August and mid-September. 

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