The difference between hay fever symptoms and the symptoms of COVID-19

Spring is the air the sun is shining and nature is starting to come into bloom. However, the downside of all of this is that contraction tree pollen in the air, making life a misery for those of us that suffer from hay fever. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere told VRT News that “The hay fever season has begun. Tree pollen is pollenating and it is above beech pollen that causes issues. . We expect there to be hundreds of grains of pollen per cubic metre and this causes typical allergy issues”.  

The symptoms of hay fever can in some cases resemble some of the symptoms displayed by those that have become infected by the novel corona virus.

The Leuven University ear, nose and throat specialist Peter Hellings told VRT News that “The symptoms of hay fever are a blocked up nose, reddening of the eyes and itchiness in the eyes and nose and also sneezing”.  

"To a certain extent the symptoms of the novel coronavirus are the same but with the diffence being that you lose your sense of taste, have a temperature and feel generally ill in yourself”.

Beech pollen is not the only reason potential spoil sport during the warm sunny days. “The UV Index is quite high. So if you are planning to in the sun for a long time don’t forget to apply enough sun cream to protect yourself sufficiently from the sun’s dangerous ultra-violet rays” Frank Deboosere said.

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