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Antwerp butcher sold protective mouth masks at 50 euro each

While many small businesses are suffering greatly as a result of the measures brought in to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus a butcher in Antwerp tried to cash in on people’s fears of becoming infected.

During the weekend police in Antwerp confiscated a box of protective mouth masks from the butcher’s shop on the Sint-Gummarusstraat. The butcher had been selling the masks at 50 euro each.

Butchers and other shops selling food among the shops that have been allowed to remain open. However, cashing in on the COVID-19 crisis is something by selling mouth masks at exorbitant prices is not allowed and the masks were seized by police.

At another shop on the Diepstraat Antwerp Police confiscated a further 30 protective mouth masks. There the trader was selling the mask at a price of between 30 and 60 euro. 

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