Wilmès: "The figures provide hope but more than ever we must stick to it”

In a video message released on Sunday evening the Federal Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal,photo above) spoke of the progress made in addressing the COVID-19 crisis so far. In her message that was recorded at the Prime Minister's office in Brussels Ms Wilmès said “The figures provide hope, but we must stick to it. The return to normality will happen gradually”. She added that the socio-economic rebuilding process in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis will be long drawn out. 

The Prime Minister gave a summary of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium so far. She said that the results of efforts we have all been making over the past few weeks are already having an impact on the evolution of the virus within Belgium. Ms Wilmès wouldn’t be drawn on whether the measures currently in force would be prolonged. As things stand the measures will remain in force until 19 April with the option of extending them until 3 May.

The Prime Minister also promised that as many people as possible will be provided with protective material, such as masks and that as many people as possible will be tested. Priority will be given to those that need material/testing in order to be able to do their job safely. “This is not a choice, it’s a necessity” Ms Wilmès said.

She also stressed that the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis would not be minimal. “We will feel them long after the situation has returned to normal. Giving support today secures jobs for tomorrow and we will need them”. Ms Wilmès announced a number of new measures, most of which offer support to the health and care services.  

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