Fourth COVID-19 survey is online

For the fourth consecutive week Antwerp University has launched an online survey in order to chart the evolution of the novel coronavirus in Belgium. As was the case with last week’s survey Antwerp University has joined forces with Hasselt University and the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). As on the previous three Tuesdays the survey is online between 10am and 10pm.

The questions contained in the survey cover a wide ranges of subjects, ranging from the respondent’s person physical health to their mental well-being and their work situation. 

New in this week’s survey are questions on respondents’ views regarding the anonymous collection of location and health data via a smartphone app as a means of preventing the further spread of the virus.  The researchers are keen to learn the nature of any objections there might be to the launch of such an app.

Researcher Philippe Beutels told VRT News that it is important that respondents complete the survey every week. 

"The scientific data is really needed. We want to know how people are dealing with the crisis, not least to enable us to predict the further evolution of the epidemic, to allow the hospitals to assess what is going to happen and to monitor the well-being of the population at large”. 

If you have taken part in previous surveys it remains important that you take part in this week’s survey too, Mr Beutels added. 

Click here to take part in this week's survey.

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