Recycling centres say “only come if it is really necessary”

For the first time in three weeks most municipal recycling centre in Flanders are open again. It is reported to be very busy outside recycling centres at a number of locations across the region. In order to prevent a flood of people all trying to dispose of their waste at once people were advised only to visit their local recycling centre if it is absolutely necessary. 

Nevertheless, it is very busy at a number of Flemish recycling centres. Our colleague Arne De Jaegere reports that around 20 cars were queueing up outside the recycling centre at Aalst in East Flanders before it opened on Tuesday morning (photo below).

Elsewhere, it was also very busy. Police in the Limburg city of Hasselt report that “It is very busy at the various recycling parks in or area. There are particularly long queues at Hasselt and Zonhoven” There locals were asked not to go to the recycling centres any more on Tuesday morning.   

A spokesperson told VRT News that "During the next few days too we are asking people only visit the recycling centres if it is absolutely necessary. This we help ensure that social distancing is maintained”. 

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