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Flemish ‘corona monkey’ explains crisis to children

A character devised by Limburg illustrator Chris Vosters in order to explain the corona crisis to children is conquering the world.  The little corona monkey has already surfaced in South Africa and Brazil.

Chris Vosters devised a cartoon story in which a monkey helps parents to explain the corona crisis to their children.  “I imagined the story while I was working in my kitchen.  It’s great to discover that so many people are engaging with this story” says Chris.

“My children aged 1, 4 and 6 wanted to know why they couldn’t see grandma.  I had to come up with something really fast.  Thanks to the little monkey they understand what’s happening.”

“The corona monkey sits on the children’s shoulder.  They possess superpowers so the monkey can’t harm them, but when they approach people closer than 1.5 m the monkey can jump onto the other person.  They don’t possess any superpowers and become ill.”

Chris posted the drawings on Facebook last Friday.  The cartoon has now been picked up by People Magazine in South Africa and a website in Brazil.  Just like the virus the monkey is appearing everywhere.

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