Belgium says “Keep it up!”


Belgium’s governments are starting a new campaign to encourage people to keep sticking to corona measures.  Various channels will be used to reach different target audiences.

Yves Stevens, the spokesman of the national crisis centre, announced the campaign at this morning’s news conference.

“A lot of people are working from home or are using video conferences.  Experiences of today can be useful in professional life later on.  A lot of knowledge links are also being created online.  Individuals and organisations that work together on creative and innovative projects, e.g. to develop protective equipment. We would also like to thank the people working in essential services and in particular in the care sector.  Keep supporting them.”

“It’s important to keep sticking to the measures out of respect for them.  In order to enhance public awareness of the measures, to make sure everybody is aware of them, we are launching the ‘Keep it up’ campaign.”

“If we wish to have a good time this summer, we need to keep it up now.  This message is being disseminated via various channels to reach the public at large and target groups.  The message is clear: ‘Keep it up! Show solidarity, stay at home and take care of yourselves and others’.”

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