Leuven students to sit exam in soccer stadium


Some students at Leuven University are to sit their exams in June and July in festival halls and a football stadium. Students have to sit further apart under the social distancing measures.  As a result Leuven Uni needed to go in search of new locations.

Leuven University will be organising many written exams at locations outside the usual university campus.  “In addition to the Alma restaurants, libraries, learning centres and the De Nayer sports complex exams will also be staged at the stadium of football club Oude-Heverlee Leuven and at the De Hoorn festival hall” says Leuven rector Sels.  “We’ve also got an agreement with the Brabant Hall.  If we don’t have enough room elsewhere it too will be used.”

Earlier the five Flemish Universities announced exams would be staged in June and September.  Leuven intends to release its modified exam planning by the end of the month.  Exams will be spread out over a longer period to allow social distancing rules to be observed.  The June exam period will run till 4 July.  Exams on Sundays are also possible.

Leuven will employ four types of exam: written exams, oral exams with two students present, exams at a distance and evaluations based on a paper or master’s test.

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