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Police carry out extra patrols in Tervuren

Police are staging extra patrols in Tervuren Park in Flemish Brabant Province.  They are eager to check that corona measures are being adhered to.

Tervuren Mayor Jan Sporen (Flemish nationalist) says the fine weather is encouraging many out of doors and consequently the police are keeping a closer eye on what is going on.

Green and leafy Tervuren, close to the hustle and bustle of Brussels, is favoured by many British expats, as it probably reminds them of their home country.  The park is very popular among walkers.

“We’ve taken several measures to prevent a lot of people gathering in the park.  Access for motorised vehicles is banned.  Large signs should impress upon walkers the danger to health of flouting the rules.”

In Belgium members of different households must keep at least 1.5m distance.  Exercise is permitted, but sitting down is frowned upon.  You can meet up with one friend from a different household, but must observe social distancing of at least 1.5 metres.

Mayor Sporen: “The police are staging extra checks during the weekends and when the weather is fine.  We warn people to keep their distance, especially if they are of good will, but sadly we have also had to issue fines!”

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