Virologist Steven Van Gucht: "Tracking-app is being seriously considered"

Over the past few days there has been a lot of talk about the development of an app that would be able to warn people if they had been in contact with someone that had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Professor Steven Van Gucht told Friday morning’s press conference of the National Crisis Centre that the launch of such an app here in Belgium is being seriously considered. 

"This is one option that we are giving serious consideration. A working party has been set up to examine to what extend such an app could be used to trace contacts in order to warn someone that they had possible been in contact with someone that is infected and to instruct them as to what they are to do”; Professor Van Gucht said.  

"We think that it could possibly be a useful aid when we move into a new phase, post social distancing and a number of the measures currently in force are revoked. We could use the app to curb the further spread of the virus. This is something that is being seriously considered”, Professor Van Gucht added.

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