Corona fines for partygoers, court for non-essential journeys

Police broke up a garden party at a residence in Aalter (East Flanders) last night.  A dozen people were present.  Acting mayor Patrick Hoste says everybody who was present was fined 250 euros.

“It’s totally irresponsible behaviour in these times, given the tragedies unfolding in hospitals and care homes.  It’s unnatural and difficult in this fine weather.  I can understand that, but it’s irresponsible”.

At Ghent University a lecturer and his deputy (pictured) have been taken off the job after a bizarre live-stream with 100 students in which the lecturer and his deputy appear obstreperous when confronted by police officers, who complained about excessive noise at night.

Still in East Flanders five youngsters were found drinking in an old factory building.  Legal proceedings against two suspects are being fast-tracked because it’s not the first time they were seen to be flouting regulations and they will appear in court in Oudenaarde.

Two men from Verviers are to appear in court in Dendermonde charged with making a non-essential trip after they were discovered in Lokeren (East Flanders).  They said they were helping somebody out who didn’t have enough Dutch to conclude a purchase.


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