COVID-19 latest: hospitalisations steady, but relatively high

The national crisis centre has released the latest figures related to the COVID-19 crisis valid for 11 April. The number of new hospitalisations is stabilising but their number remains relatively high the centre warns.

392 people were admitted on Saturday.  In all 5,353 patients are in a Belgian hospital bed.  477 patients were discharged. Since mid-March 6,463 corona patients have left hospital alive.

1,223 corona patients are in intensive care – down 39.

268 new deaths were linked to coronavirus yesterday. Belgium has now recorded 3,600 corona deaths including confirmed and suspected cases.  54% of deaths happened in hospital, 41% in care homes. 0% at home and 3% elsewhere.

1,629 new infections were confirmed yesterday: 1,003 in Flanders, 461 in Wallonia, 143 in Brussels.  No information is available on the locality of 22 patients. Belgium has 29,647 cases of coronavirus.

Against the backdrop of a continued increase in the number of corona infections the crisis centre is asking people to stick with the corona measures.  In this way everybody is helping to slow the spread of the pandemic and to protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

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