Boar hunting to escape corona clamp down?

Zuhal Demir (nationalist), the Flemish science policy minister, intends to ask the Belgian crisis centre to relax corona restrictions on hunting for wild boar, common wood pigeons and rabbits.  Hunting of these animals is needed to keep damage to crops in check, especially in Limburg Province, the minister argues.

The damage to crops caused by wild animals is a serious problem, especially in Limburg Ms Demir, who hails from our most easterly Flemish province says.  “This is why I’m asking the crisis centre to allow an exception to permit hunting for wild boar”.

In the main hunting for common wood pigeons and rabbits is an individual activity, but hunting for wild boar is usually a group activity.

“This is why we are asking the crisis centre to clarify which regulations relating to non-essential journeys and general security apply”.

Hunters’ organisation Hubertus Association Flanders supports the minister’s request. “It’s perfectly possible for hunters to go a-hunting or to perform animal control operations individually or to carry out these activities in twos, while complying with social distancing rules” Geert Van den Bosch said.

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